Meet The Irreverent Hand-Painted Mega Yacht "GUILTY" [Photo Tour]

Author: Agustino Fontevecchia
Source: Forbes
Date: July 24, 2015

Superyacht ?GUILTY? was designed by Jeff Koons and Ivana Porfini and it?s defined as an act of irreverence.

In an interview with Forbes, the idea of the yacht was to ?razzle dazzle? as the exterior pattern is called. This ?was a technique used during World War I as a camouflage not to conceal an object but to confuse the viewer,? Koons explains. ?The process was extremely complex,? Joannou (the owner) adds, noting that Guilty was painted by hand. ?Ivana sent the design to Jeff, and he did some 3-D designing in his studio. I did not interfere at all.?

Asked if he likes Guilty?s unconventional look, Joannou is dismissive. ?The word like, I don?t like,? he says from the upper floor of his Athens home. ?Taste? Everyone has taste. It?s not about liking a certain piece, it?s about connecting with deeper values.?

Check out the interesting photo tour!

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