Meet The Kayak That Is Driving Instagram Crazy!

Source: Daily Mail
Date: June 01, 2016

These stunning images of picturesque views in Norway taken by a kayaker are bound to float your boat.
The breathtaking snaps and video of charming fjords and rugged mountain scenery show off the pretty Norwegian landscape from a more unusual perspective.
Thomasz Furmanek, from Bergen, Norway, used a GoPro and a small compact camera attached to the front of his trusty kayak to capture the beautiful pictures as he paddled around the scenic country - and his skills have won him a huge online fan club.

Furmanek, 41, said: 'I try to capture the balance and harmony of being in a kayak in nature.

'The kayak enables me to travel to remote places and show people these places from a different perspective than they are used to.

'I believe it's important for our mental and spiritual development to spend time in nature.
'It is also valuable to seek experiences that involve risk and uncertainty, because this makes us learn new things - this is why I like to try and motivate people with my pictures to go on adventures in nature.'

The professional photographer began uploading his incredible images to his Instagram account over three years ago and has since gained over 77,000 followers on the account.
MailOnline Travel ran a set of his pictures last year and they were very well received.
This new batch are just as eye-catching.
Furmanek added: 'I have been travelling actively with my kayak for the last few years. Last year I reduced my employment to 80 per cent to get more time for travelling.
'I usually go kayaking for longer trips during the weekends and in my vacation and during the week I take short kayak trips after work in the fjords near Bergen.'
There are around 1,190 fjords in Norway and the Svalbard islands, each one captivating in its own right.

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