Meet The Private Jet Of The Seas: The Endeavour Limo Tender

Source: maxim
Date: August 18, 2016

Knowing that once you've decided on your superyacht you need an equally posh way to get to and from it, Italian yacht designer Federico Fiorentino teamed up with luxury interior designer Marijana Radovic of m2 atelier to create Endeavour.

With sumptuous seating for six, this 75-foot bronze bullet is the perfect way to island hop, ferry to your private villa and return to the mothership.

Although its standard engine configuration boasts a 50-knot cruising speed, the seaborne superlimo?which features a handy glass partition separating the cockpit and main cabin?could be tricked out with twin jet turbines and surface drives to go even faster.

Just like a private jet designed to get you from Point A to B, this ultra lux tender vessel fully recognizes that it's okay to do it in style and enjoy the journey.

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