Meet The Sea Force One: Disco, Gym, Hot Tubs & Much More! [Gallery]

Author: Chris Kitching
Source: Mail Online
Date: November 14, 2015

With deck space for a helipad, hidden storage for a luxury vehicle and a small army of staff working around the clock to tend to their every need, this is where the world?s super-rich retreat to for a private and lavish getaway.

In the upper stratosphere of fame and fortune, a custom-built superyacht with almost every amenity imaginable is the ultimate symbol of wealth and status.

And the world?s one per cent are sparing no expense to put their stamp on extravagant vessels that are extensions of their personalities or playgrounds for their alter egos. The floating disco that is Sea Force One falls into the latter category.

Part Studio 54 and part Pirates of the Caribbean, it is the brainchild of an eccentric London hedge fund manager who at sea is known by his mask-wearing, piratical persona Captain Magic.

With a shadowy interior smattered with neon lights and a recurring skull and crossbones theme, the custom-built party boat?s unique design is as spectacular as it is off-putting.

The six-year-old yacht is decorated with images of Captain Magic?s signature mask. The logo appears on everything you can think of ? personalised toiletries in the master bedroom, crew members? shirts and belt buckles, and door handles.

Even the captain?s bridge has the feel of a trendy nightclub.

With its own gym, plenty of space to lounge around, a hot tub on the top deck, and leather floors and walls in some common areas, the 176-foot yacht boasts five rooms that can accommodate at least 10 guests, who are taken care of by 13 crew members, including two chefs, who work long hours.

While the superyacht is tailored to its enigmatic owner?s specific tastes, it could be yours for the right price. Sea Force One is being sold by luxury yacht service provider Fraser Yachts (the price is not publicly listed) because, according to a crew member, its owner is buying ?something bigger?.

Such is life when you have pockets as deep as the Mediterranean Sea.

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