Music Is Life: The Ultimate Boating Playlist!

Author: Diane Seltzer
Date: January 29, 2016

The boating lifestyle is all about relaxing with friends and family on the water. Listening to great boating music and boat songs makes your time on the water even more enjoyable.

It?s always fun to put together a boat music playlist of your favorite boating songs to listen to while on the dock or anchored out enjoying an afternoon on your boat on the water with friends.

Everyone has their recommendations or options on what the best boating songs are ? and of course it always comes down to your own personal taste and favorite artists. The best boating music typically mentions the theme of boating, water or is simply just a relaxing groove that complements the boating lifestyle.

Here are some song ideas and recommendations to listen to while boating or just hanging out on a boat on the water. Each boating song listed below includes a link to download MP3 music files for building boat song playlists.

Links to MP3 music files are on Amazon ? it is SUPER EASY to buy and download digital music from Amazon. You can use their new Cloud feature and/or download it to your computer and automatically load it up into your iTunes music files or playlists. Most individual songs are only 99 cents.

The popular website for recruiting new boaters,, has put together a list of ?Powerboating Boat Songs? from a variety of artists and genres to consider:

1. Jimmy Buffet ? Changes in Latitudes Changes in Attitudes
2. Joe Cocker ? Feeling Alright
3. Modest Mouse ? Float On
4. Weezer ? Island in the Sun
5. The Cars ? Let the Good Times Roll
6. Kenny Chesney ? No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problem
7. Eagles ? Peaceful Easy Feeling
8. Otis Reading ? Sitting on the Dock of the Bay
9. Sheryl Crow ? Soak up the Sun
10.Bob Marley ? Three Little Birds

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