New 282' Trimaran Mega Yacht Concept KOMOREBI Unveiled At The MYS 2015

Author: CharterworldTeam
Source: Charterworld
Date: September 25, 2015

The 25th edition of the Monaco Yacht Show saw VPLP unveil their latest 282? trimaran concept dubbed ?KOMOREBI?.

The concept is Japanese and represents the time when nature is enhanced by the sun?s rays. It?s an efficient and highly stable vessel, capable of crossing oceans, but agile and shallow-drafted enough to enter small places.

KOMOREBI yacht concept boasts an elegantly muted styling and ultra-open layout, providing fantastic views and plenty of private areas throughout the vessel.

This Hybrid trimaran is the perfect answer to comfort at sea, space, stability, low running costs as well as a big step towards a clean wake.

As stated by VPLP: ?We believe designed elegance is not only a question of style, balance of proportions and harmony of lines it is also related to coherence and cleverness. Don?t we use the word ?elegant? for a smart solution to a problem? Despite her length we want KOMOREBI not to appear dominant and overwhelming ? we want a sweet giant who we can all love.?

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