NEWSFLASH: "Azzam" is NOT the largest superyacht in the world!

Author: Maarten Janssen
Date: April 16, 2015

For a long while superyacht Azzam was known for being the largest superyacht in the whole world, but recently there was a publication about the actual Gross Tonnage, and after that the news was out: Azzam is NOT the largest superyacht in the world, at least not in terms of tonnage.

We believed that the Azzam was 18,000 tons but it?s really 13136 tons, so what does this mean? Well that in terms of volume the largest superyacht of the world is actually the L?rssen ?Al Said? with 15850 tons.

That without taking in consideration the new ?secret? project of the shipyard called ?Omar? which is believed to be 150m+, we don?t know nothing about it yet but we really think this one could beat the other largest superyachts.

Either way L?rssen is definitely taking home the crown of the most opulent and largest superyachts in the world.

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