Quinta Essentia: Admiral’s Elemental 55m Superyacht

Author: Cecile Gauert
Date: November 10, 2016

The owners of the first 55 metre Admiral E Motion love Tuscany and its wines, especially a deep ruby Merlot that inspired the shade of their new Quinta Essentia. Swirling the wine in a glass produces tones similar to the accent colour that underlines architectural features on the hull and superstructure. That red-and-cream scheme was also used in their previous Quinta Essentia (now sold and renamed Quite Essential), built at Heesen.

This new vessel has more accommodation space than her identical-length predecessor and her interior serves as a showcase for gallery-worthy pieces crafted by master artisans. But her virtues are defined as much by absence as by addition: the new Quinta Essentia, an all-aluminium yacht with exterior styling by Dobroserdov Design, envelops her guests in silence.

Imagine 100 people working around Quinta Essentia, saws, sanders, hammers and vacuums humming in unison as her builder readies her for delivery, and then imagine stepping inside and hearing none of it. Silk carpets absorb any footsteps and hefty doors close effortlessly, muffling voices to a barely audible murmur.

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