Tales From Real People: From Boat Builder To Glass & Concrete Artist

Author: Martynas Klimas
Source: deMilked
Date: January 19, 2016

Adam Young combines glass and concrete into surprising works of art. Although we?ve featured him before, his use of layered glass never ceases to amaze us, so as Young continues to produce new work, we?ve decided to showcase some of our favorite work. And the most impressive thing about his art? Young is entirely self-taught.

?As I don?t have any formal art training I?ve just used the skills and materials I know to help me create my sculptures,? Young told The Creators Project. ?Boatbuilding has been a huge part of my journey as an artist. All the techniques that I use within my sculptures have been learned through my skills as a boatbuilder?from the planning phase and 3D drawings to the mould making and finishing stages. Probably the most important skill has been problem solving; working out how to transform an idea into reality.?

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