The Amazing "Dragonship" Trimaran Concept

Author: John Lyon
Source: RobbReport
Date: April 06, 2015

This is the ?Dragonship 80? Trimaran concept by Pi Super Yachts in association with McPherson Yacht Design.

In terms of sails, this Dragonship uses three large airfoils and it?s not controlled by sheets but with masts that can make complete rotations clockwise and counterclockwise.

The fabric of the airfoils feature solar cells that recharge the ship?s propulsion system.

The two side hulls contain cabins for the whole 17 crewmembers, and the captain?s cabin is in the mail hull.

Don?t worry, this baby has a lot of space for fun toys and tenders, and the main amenities are a bar, library, spa and gym.

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