The Aston Martin Yacht Was Finally Revealed!

Author: Nicolas Saugnac
Date: September 29, 2016

The Aston Martin Yacht 37 powerboats combine the highest degree of technology and innovation in a unique manner that is sure to delight those who seek the best sports car features in a luxury powerboat. The design revolves around more than style alone. A holistic approach to weight distribution and balance combine with the high-tech composite materials used in the construction of the stepped hull to provide the type of comfort Aston Martin car owners expect.

All this is backed up by superior engineering to ensure easy handling and the smoothest possible steering. The convertible cockpit arrangement and excellent views from the helm seat will further enhance your pure driving experience.

?Our goal has been to make sure that every part of the AM37 has been refined and optimised. Each function of the boat has a rationale behind it? Nothing is merely ?there?.? Mariella Mengozzi, CEO of Quintessence Yacht

The iconic allure of Aston Martin is built upon the passion, skill and creativity of the people who dedicate their working lives to this historic luxury brand. The blueprint for every Aston Martin is a characterful and exciting sports car built to the highest standard. All are imbued with ?Power, Beauty and Soul?, combining pure performance and true sporting ability with passion, refinement, luxury and exceptional beauty.

Thanks to the extensive contribution of the Aston Martin designers, the Aston Martin Yacht 37 powerboat combines the highest degree of technology and innovation in a genuinely unique manner. The boats are a pioneering delineation of Aston Martin style into the yachting environment.

Every part of the AM37 has been refined and optimised. Each function of the boat has a rationale behind it? Nothing is simply ?there?.

The sophisticated structural composition of the AM37 will meet your need for speed. The deep V hull is complemented by different steps in the hull, reducing surface contact with the water. A 10% lower resistance has been achieved without sacrificing comfort at lower speeds and a smooth run is assured.

The hull itself is made of high-tech composite with epoxy resin and carbon structural parts. Used in aircraft and aerospace applications as well as offshore racing boats, epoxy resin ensures strength, stiffness, durability and light weight.

The production process for the AM37 deploys state-of-the-art vacuum infusion technology and post curing. Vacuum infusion allows full integration of the structure and interior modules, which are made out of fibreglass sections.

The finite element method (FEM) ensures a sophisticated approach to the design of the boat and guarantees forces are not overloaded.

The extraordinary experience provided by the AM37 is enhanced by its phenomenal range of on board technologies. There are remote controlled devices by which you can start the air conditioning, fridge and coffee machine while still at home or while driving to the marina. Navigation, control monitor and entertainment systems are all integrated, with advanced multimedia functions and interactive voice control.

The user interface of the multimedia and entertainment system is installed in the 15? HD touchscreen on the dashboard. This can be used by all guests to manage the sound system, lighting and appliances.
Owners have their own cluster with a dedicated display for monitoring engine status, navigation and other core boat systems such as anchor deployment, the bilge pumps and battery chargers. The dashboard will be integrated with your smart phone, allowing you to start the champagne cooler or the (optional) air conditioning on remote before you get to the boat. A small server on board will provide access to stored movies and music. AM37 owners also benefit from the very latest options with regards to fingerprint recognition.

Luxurious and fast in the best tradition of British sports cars, the Aston Martin Yacht 37 powerboats combine the sense of excitement you feel behind the wheel of an Aston Martin with the classy environment of a one-of-a-kind powerboat.

The unique combination of advanced materials, ingenious design and high-tech components in the new AM37 offers an exhilarating experience on the water for lovers of both speed and comfort. In addition to the highly sophisticated construction the performance of the AM37 is assured by some seriously smart engineering. The lightweight, low resistance hull will perform at its best with the engines, carefully selected by our engineering team in close cooperation with Mercury.

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