The Brand New "Flying Motoryacht" Is Ready For Take-Off!

Author: Steve Usher
Source: mby
Date: October 07, 2016

The Foiler 41 carbon fibre concept boat is the realised dream of Swiss engineering firm Hydros Innnovation and Dubai-based Enata Industries.

?The first three yachts have been sold already and we have strong demand on a pro version: sportsfisher, chase boat, dive boat, taxi service etc. as well as a limousine tender version,? said Cornelius Kistler, the man behind the vision.

The Foiler 41?s appearance follows much intensive research and development and comes just two years after the half-scale prototype was exhibited in Monaco.

She can dock or cruise at low speed with her patented, retractable foils up, or take off and fly above the water after lowering the foils with the press of a button. Take-off speed is 18-20 knots.

During flight mode, the hydrodynamic drag on the boat is cut dramatically, reducing fuel consumption by up to 30%.

The company claims a top speed of 45 knots.

The propulsion system and the foils are automatically controlled, leaving the driver/pilot to take care of steering and little else.

The revolutionary yacht offers a smooth, safe ride without the uncomfortable shaking usually felt on board such a vessel when hitting the waves.

The Foiler 41 is equipped to the highest standards and offers many customisable features. She is available in three different deck configurations: GT, Tender (limo cockpit) & Pro (open cockpit).

Enata Industries brought development of the Foiler 41 to fruition following its acquisition of Hydros Innovation.

Hydros? expertise in dynamic simulation and flow calculation married to Enata craftsmen?s skills and facilities enabled the Foiler 41 to reach the market.

The Hydros Foundation, dedicated to fostering maritime efficiency, is collaborating with Enata on upcoming projects.

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