The Chef of Superyacht "Axioma" tells it all!

Author: India Sturgis
Source: Daily Mail
Date: February 20, 2015

St?phane Desormiere is more than used to being woken up at 4am by a crew member. At that time usually the guests are coming back from the amazing parties they attend to.

'I have to be quick. There's not a lot of notice so you have to move fast and you can't be sleepy. I usually get the coffee out first which buys me some time to cook whatever they need.'

'At that time of night, guests usually ask for a full English breakfast, although I have been asked for things like beef fillet then too. Whatever the request, so long as I have the ingredients, I will make it.'

St?phane is 42 and is head chef of the amazing ?Axioma? (name that actually means ?to think worthy?), a 236ft yacht that sleeps 12 and has its own gym, steam and massage room.

On board this yacht there?s even an elevator that goes from the inifinity pool on the main deck to the top deck Jacuzzi and bar, so you don?t have to get tired. In the way you can stop and catch a movie at the 3D cinema.

To charter this Superyacht just for a week you?d need to pay ?390, 000 (?525,000/$600,000), making St?phane?s clients a very exclusive bunch. Celebrities, oligarchs and high level business owners are the most common users.

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But St?phane?s is never intimidated by them: 'For me, it's about the challenge. Every day a guest might have a different request.

'I can't plan ahead as the menu is so tailored to the fresh ingredients that are available at each island. I might have a rough idea in my head what I'm going to make but you have to be flexible. I go shopping at local markets for fresh meat and fish every day if I can.'

This chef needs to know very well all the foods from Caribbean to Mediterranean, Adriartic, Maldives and Asia. The clients can come up with any wishes from around the globe.

On top of that St?phane has to be ready to fulfill special requests from guests including everything from ?1,100 (?1,500/$1,700) Beluga caviar, slabs of Wagyu beef (Japanese beef known for its deliciously marbled fat) and jam?n ib?rico (fine Spanish cured ham).

'Ideally if they want something unusual they order it in advance of the trip so I can order things in time. That doesn't always happen, in which case I get on the phone to a supplier and fly ingredients over, then courier them to the yacht.'

If he's served any famous names, he's not saying: discretion is paramount for all staff working on board and it's more than his salary's worth to let slip anything too salacious (about ?66,000/$101,000 a year for a top chef, for those who are interested).

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