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Arrowcat Marine are manufactured in United StatesUnited States

All ArrowCat power catamarans are designed by the internationally-acclaimed naval architects and engineers of Roger Hill Yacht Design and represent the fine balance between economy, comfort, and speed. Other power catamarans may have two of these qualities, but only ArrowCats have all three.

With twin hull construction and a fully planing hull that features dynamic stability inherent to its design, an ArrowCat is more stable, safer, and comfortable than semi-displacement or displacement catamarans. The twin hulls resist the tortuous rolling feeling that mono-hulls suffer from, allowing you to relax and ride in comfort. As a fishing catamaran you will experience a more comfortable time out before you reach your limit of fish. They are proven offshore power catamarans built for speed. But that ruggedness is hidden behind sexy sleek exteriors and comfortable interiors. There are no other power catamarans like them.

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