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Aspen Power Catamarans are manufactured in United StatesUnited States

Welcome to Aspen Power Catamarans. At Aspen, we push the frontier for mid-range cruisers. Few boats are so uniquely qualified to take two people as comfortably and as economically as the Aspen. The Patented Power Proa Hull offers the softest ride, best fuel economy and accommodations of her class. Aspen's robust hull is designed to slice through heavy seas without hesitation and to track; as if on rails. Her high catamaran tunnel provides extraordinary seaworthiness and stability, which contributes to her dry ride. But above all seriousness of purpose, there is a wonderfully romantic, emotional element to the boat that strongly attracts, in a no-nonsense way.

Larry Graf, founder of Glacier Bay Catamarans in 1987, founded Aspen Power Catamarans in 2008 when he developed a new revolutionary patented hull design (Power Proa) and drive system for power catamarans. The hulls, while identical in profile, are very different in plain view with one being 35% thinner. The non-symmetrical hulls are shaped to compensate for the offset thrust and torque, and since both forces are proportional to speed and thrust, the boat runs straight. Additionally, it has only one engine, shaft, prop, and keel reducing appendage drag 20%. The combination of new hull design and reduced appendage drag increases efficiency as much as 70% over mono hulls.

We currently offer this fuel efficient cruiser in a 28' and 32'; and will be introducing a new 38' in the fall of 2014. The Aspen is also equipped with solar panels, capable of recharging batteries at the dock or anchored. Our design team has more than 30 years in the development of the world's best catamarans, so you can be confident the construction details are just right. In many ways, Aspen is the perfect balance for the environment; comfortable and efficient, which all stems from solid engineering principles and creative innovation!

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