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The very peak of perfection - The Boston Whaler 320 Vantage

Boston Whaler is a highly recognized shipyard with a history worth millions. More than 50 years in business, the company has conveyed adventurous messages by way of manufacturing superior crafts. Their firmest postulate is unsinkable vessels and that’s what they design. Their founder, Richard Fisher, tried to sink his first ever boat; however it turned out it was unsinkable just like their present-day vessels. Further, while extending their boundaries, they have created boats ranging from 11 to 42 feet. Bringing peerless-designed, durable, unsinkable and high-performance boats is not a myth anymore with these Boston Whalers in the nautical market.

Moreover, Boston Whaler has been producing various models like Super sport, Montauk, Dauntless, Outrage, Conquest and Vantage models presenting a complete range of boats suiting various needs of their clients. The Vantage, dual console models, has set high standards for performance, coziness and adaptability. Vantage crafts lay fabulous offshore cruising boats at client’s feet with tiptop amenities. With the awakening of the multifaceted 320 Vantage, the Boston Whaler family has touched the peak of perfection. Impeccable design along with the fantastic craftsmanship of the hull clouds all other boats in this category. Stability, comfort, and handling are the main perks; let’s have a look at the Boston Whaler review.

The overall length of the Boston Whaler 320 Vantage is 32 feet and 1 inch and has a beam of 10 feet and 4 inches. She can be geared up with a couple of options regarding the engines and the power. Accordingly, the standard power is 2 x 250 horsepower Mercury Verado CXL L6 DTS 4 –stroke. Other options are also Mercury Verado CXL L6 DTS 4-stroke; however their power ranges from 250 to 350 horsepower. Due to the deep V-hull and two port and starboard lifting strakes that run along the entire length of the boat, the boat gets enormous speed, extraordinary fuel economy and assists the boat with maneuvering and high-speed turns. The handling is exceptional since nothing is operated like a Boston Whaler. Running through chops is as easy as pie. Pounding is definitely an abstract conception for the Boston Whaler 320 Vantage.

With the 350 Mercury joysticks outboards, the Boston Whaler 320 Vantage's top speed is around 42 knots at 6350 rpm. The fuel economy is approximately around 60 gallons per hour while the boat can cross 200 miles. If taking into consideration the best economy speed, one comes to a conclusion that the best one is around 32 knots at 5000 rpm ergo the fuel consumption is significantly lowered to 29 gallons per hour. The range is simultaneously increased to 315 miles. Regarding the acceleration, 17 knots can be reached in 5 seconds, and 26 knots in 9 seconds.

When putting two and two together, one realizes that with these performance characteristics, only a state-of-the-art helm console comes into the equation and that’s what Boston Whaler did. A perfectly symmetrical dashboard accommodates ample space for various size displays like 12-inch, 15-inch or 19-inch displays. Further, The Mercury VesselView display is to starboard side of the panel. The switches have conveniently been placed on the top of the dashboard, while the Mercury digital throttle and shift controls are placed to the starboard side. The most amazing docking joystick is behind these controls. Other helm elements include dash visor, compass, instrumentation and elevated electrical switch panel with circuit breaker protection and molded fiberglass console liner. The cast stainless steel steering wheel with urethane grip is outstanding too. The helm seat is highly adjustable with miscellaneous mechanisms that allow swiveling and sliding back and forth. The ingenuity of Boston Whaler's designers reflects on the height adjustment of the skipper’s seat which deserves a standing ovation since it can be transformed into a leaning post. Flip-up bolster and flip-down armrests are also included.

The seating, which is located to port of the Boston Whaler 320 Vantage, has different configurations. This portside seating comprises three double wide bench seats. First off, the two aft seats possess a couple of tricks. They can be moved, swiveled to forward or aft chaise lounges and can even be converted to a sunpad. Secondly, the entertaining lounge mode includes companion seats with an option of integrating a table. This means that a family can have a nice dinner or a snack here. The stainless steel cup holders are a bonus. The seat opposite the skipper’s seat can be swiveled (360 degrees), so when sliding it forward, the family is secured at the fastest speed of the boat. The hydraulic hi-lo option is included for this seat as well. In front of the forward port seat is a console that can accommodate two people. With this asset, the boat has suddenly become an overnight boat. This area is characterized by plenty of headroom, a skylight that bathes the area with natural light, a vent for ventilation and a double berth that can be converted into a single berth with the hinge mechanism.  A TV can also be mounted to the forward bulkhead.

The surprises don’t stop there since the Boston Whaler 320 Vantage has a generous head compartment inside the helm console. It’s one of the most spacious in its class. It encompasses a hot and cold shower, a toilet and a Corian counter that wraps around and is welcomed by a rectangular sink. A pullout sprayer is used for showering.

The cockpit is also furnished with a beautiful and practical summer galley to starboard, behind the helm seat. Boston Whaler calls it the "Summer Kitchen". Different amenities are built into this galley like a refrigerator, Kenyon grill, an eighteen-gallon livewell, circuitry buttons for freshwater, washdown and even for turning on the blue courtesy lights which are magnificently placed on the underside of the Corian counter. The nights become so much more with this lighting. On the other side of the galley, a trash receptacle, battery switches, and the ignition keys are neatly situated.

Traditional wraparound seating is offered at the bow of the Boston Whaler 320 Vantage. Nevertheless, since one can access the bow from the port side of an offset windshield walkthrough, this side is somewhat wider than the starboard side. Padded bolsters circle the whole seating arrangement and flip-down armrests are integrated into the forward facing seats. Ample storage is hidden under the seats and the safety component is boosted with stainless steel grab handles. The bow can be converted into an al fresco dining area with the addition of an optional pedestal table. The elevated foredeck uncovers a hatch hiding a stainless steel four step ladder. It also has a windlass, a washdown, a remote control and the effortless safety latching method ever.

Moving all the way to the opposite side of the boat, to the stern of the Boston Whaler 320 Vantage, one notices a three-step boarding ladder under the hatch and next to the engines and a nice amount of room between the transom and the engines. Handy stainless steel grab handles are close to the ladder for people coming out of the water and a shower for washing rinsing. The stern can be accessed via two doors, one placed to the aft part and one to the starboard side called the hull side dive door. This is a fantastic spot to deploy divers and a reboarding ladder can hold the weight of both the diver and the full dive gear.

The Boston Whaler 320 Vantage enjoys various fishing features with rod holders on each side of the craft. This is part of the optional fishing equipment just like stainless steel roe rails and a raw water washdown. The livewell placed in the summer galley has already been mentioned and two big fish boxes are installed to both sides of the cockpit deck. For serious anglers, one can request fishing prep station that can be placed to aft port side of the cockpit seat. If requested, one would get a 40-gallon livewell.

Naturally, the premium hardtop enjoys the standard package options. It includes two LED spreader lights, a two color map light, an array of blue courtesy lights and an elevated tow point. This tow point accommodates a tow rope for watersports like wakeboards or skis.  However, one can pump up the hardtop with additional features like outriggers, extendable aft shade, two optional opening hatches, one more spreader light fully forward and so forth. Not to mention that the radar antenna has the mounting point too. The Boston Whaler 320 Vantage price is nothing compared to all the amenities and accessories you get in this magnificent vessel.

Just one look at the Boston Whaler 320 Vantage review and you can see for yourself all the amenities she possesses. So, what are you waiting for? Why don’t you contact us for more information? Make the right decision- contact us NOW!

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Key Features

  • Aft sunshade
  • Cockpit cover (full boat) (black, blue, or white)
  • Cockpit Seat Cover Package - Helm cover - Helm seat cover - Port helm seat cover - Port lounge cover - Prep station cover
  • Forward sunshade
  • Weather curtain set, side curtains and visor (black, blue, or white)
\\ Boston Whaler 320 Vantage

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Motor Boats
320 Vantage
Vessel Name:
Boston Whaler 320 Vantage
Length (L.O.A.):
32′ 1″
10′ 4″
1′ 10″
1 Guest
1 Guest
2 Guests
Fuel Capacity:
1041 L
Fresh-Water Capacity:
114 L
Building Materials:
Black-Water Capacity:
25 L
Engine Options:
option2 x 250 HP CXL L6 DTS Mercury Verado FourStroke
option2 x 300 HP CXL L6 DTS Mercury Verado FourStrokes
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