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CRN are manufactured in ItalyItaly

CRN, which was founded in Ancona in 1963 and became part of the Ferretti Group in 1999, manufactures and sells fully customized 40 to 90 metre long megayachts made of steel and aluminum. Founded by the entrepreneur Sanzio Nicolini under the name Costruzioni e Riparazioni Navali, from which the acronym CRN comes from, the Shipyard of Ancona has a surface area of almost 80,000 square metres, 25,000 of which are indoors, and it can host the construction of megayachts of up to 90 metres long.

CRN is dedicated to the production of the entire fleet of its own brand and other aluminum models belonging to other brands of the Ferretti Group and it is one of the largest manufacturing companies of the luxury boating sector in Europe.

The Shipyard has a large private marina, with an overall area of 250 metres, featuring three large docks of 100, 100 and 40 metres, respectively, dedicated to the fitting and completion of megayachts and its port opens onto the Adriatic sea.

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