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Danish Yachts are manufactured in DenmarkDenmark

Danish Yachts A/S, a Scandinavian shipyard, both geographically and philosophically. In addition to our formidable sailing heritage is our remote location and stark environment that has led the Scandinavian communities to a culture of making the best use of limited resources. It's developed into a unique approach to lifestyle and design, juxtaposing elegant restraint with optimum efficiency that has had a tremendous global influence. Advocates include luminaries such as architect, Frank Lloyd Wright, furniture designers, Ray and Charles Eames, and Apple's own, Jonathan Ives. Danish Yachts is of course not just part of this incredibly influential culture but we continue the legacy through the same commitment to beautiful design that is equally fit for purpose.

The challenge remains to make the best use of the materials to hand. Yet now the materials at hand are simply the very best one can conceive. What's more, we're employed with a level of precision and build quality more common to the aeronautical industry.

We have realised that to create marine craft that transcend existing performance boundaries we would have to look outside our industry's conventions. It's an ambition that has laid the foundation for our own culture, driving the search for the most elegant design solutions able to perform under the most testing conditions.

This is what we at Danish Yachts like to call, "Beauty in the extreme".

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