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Frauscher Boats are manufactured in AustriaAustria

80 years of innovation & tradition. Behind the sheer luxury of the yachts from Frauscher stands not only a wealth of technological know-how and innovative power, but 80 years of solid tradition in building fine boats. The growth of environmental awareness and the stricter legislation are helping electric boats to achieve new heights of popularity. Firmly in line with this trend the Gmunden boat builder has established itself as Europe's biggest electric boat manufacturer. International acclaim has poured in for the Frauscher brand in particular for the superb sailing craft and motor boats it develops and produces. Criteria like the fast ride, incredible curving speeds and stability plus the generous spatial concept and the finest quality in the materials selection were all put through punishingly strenuous paces from stem to stern. The exceptional Frauscher yachts are an absolute peak in aesthetics, elegance & lifestyle providing the most memorable of pleasures afloat on all waters of the world.

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