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Gemini Catamarans are manufactured in United StatesUnited States

In 1981 the very first Gemini Catamaran was launched and at the time no one knew it would start a legacy. With the introduction of this boat the market experienced the complete redefinition of the mid-sized performance cruising boat. As such there have been over 1,000 Gemini Catamarans built since its inception. The company that originally manufactured the Gemini, Performance Cruising Inc., was started by the designer of the boat, Tony Smith and his wife, Sue. Tony's concept was for a cruising catamaran that would appeal to the masses both in price and function and he achieved exactly that. Originally born in England, Tony started his career in 1970 building a Telstar trimaran. He built over 300 Telstars in the UK before relocating the entire company to North America. Unfortunately, a fire tragically destroyed all the Telstar molds less than a year after the move to the USA and he was forced to start from scratch. As such, the name "Phoenix" was appropriate for the very first Gemini produced. Between 1980 and 1996 Performance Cruising produced over 500 Geminis with 4 different models. First came the 3100, followed by the 3000, the 3200 and finally the 3400. These boats were all from the same hull and deck molds but with various interior, engine and structural modifications. Click here for a link to all the changes.

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