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Grady White shipyard is located in Greenville, NC. Why is their company always passing with flying colors while being assessed by the customers and the naval marine market? To a great degree, the affinity and the interrelationship between the employees and the customers have caused the company to evolve and to bolster their place at the very pinnacle of the marine industry. The aftereffect is a line of boats that embrace all those momentous elements such as safety, quality, dependability, trustworthiness, exquisite performance and long-lasting superiority. On top of everything, Grady White manufactures exclusive SeaV2 hulls, which have taken supremacy in the world and ranked at the top in miscellaneous studies by J.D. Power Associates Marine Studies. The undoubtedly superior design delivers a "continuously variable vee" hull resulting in a smooth and balanced ride. The deadrise is nowhere the same on the keel of Grady White boats. That being said, one of their award winning boats is the Grady White 330 Express. She is clearly an off-shore boat, yet she includes sundry onboard, family combinations and entertainment. The 330 Express has been one of the most fishable crowd-pleasing boats; however they have upgraded her, giving her more luxury, great livability, and hard-core fish ability . Let’s get the ball rolling with the Grady-White 330 Express review.

The overall length of the Grady White 330 Express is 35 feet and 10 inches and the beam is 11 feet and 7 inches. The standard gear of the boat is 2 x 250 horsepower Yamaha Outboards. The ensuing option is 2 x 350 horsepower Yamaha Four-stroke. If one decides to take the latter option, then one can reach the top speed of stunning 50.7 miles per hour at 5.800 RPM.

The time to plane is approximately 4.5 seconds, whereas the time to reach 30 MPH is 7.5 seconds. Furthermore, the best economical cruising speed is roughly around 27 miles per hour at 3.500 RPM burning 22 gallons of fuel per hour. She categorically surges forward when the skipper pushes the throttles at the cruising speed. The boat reacts quickly and she is quite nimble for the boat of her size.

She has confirmed no slouch in any weather conditions. No matter if the skipper turns, drifts, goes up or down, she performs magnificently and is highly predictable. Since the hull is designed by C. Raymond Hunt and Associates (the company that made the Deep V-hull popular), she possesses outstanding entry forward and bent hull to a semi-deep V aft. One has to bear in mind that the Grady White 330 Express price is fairly approachable with characteristics such as these.

The centralized helm station has made the helm the heart of social gatherings and it gives the straight line view over the bow while skippering. Settees inside the helm station are quite comfortable with great visibility, cup holders, grab handles, flip-down footrests and they can even be expanded for resting the legs. The locking electronic box that pops out of the dash is a neat gadget too; when one is away from the boat, the electronics are inaccessible. The tilt steering wheel that can be adjusted is in the center of the panel. the command system gauges from Yamaha occupy the panel. Furthermore, this Grady White 330 Express is wired with the Fusion System from the factory and the switches are arranged to starboard. The electronic ignitions are underneath the steering wheel. The digital engine controls have multiple options and there is, of course, a Yamaha helm master joystick. Optional bow thruster and anchor windlass are available.

The captain’s seat of the Grady White 330 Express is extremely comfortable. The seat is Deluxe Platinum with flip-up bolsters. The seat is multifunctional since it swivels, slides and can be raised or lowered. When the flip-up bolster is down, the skipper has a molded footrest down below. Additionally, the flip-down armrest gives a secure and comfy ride. Even some cup holders have been integrated to port of the panel. The windows have been redesigned in comparison with the previous models and provide much better visibility. The fiberglass hardtop is standard; however an option for aluminum hardtop is at one’s disposal. Transitions to the side decks are eased by stairs to both sides. Grab handles are placed alongside the boat. A 13-inch space is between the helm station side and the rails.

One can immediately perceive the immense size of the Grady White 330 Express cockpit. It’s a great gathering point for family and friends even though the helm is also arranged with seats. Thus, a lot of space for entertainment on this beauty is obtainable. Wonderful cockpit seating aft is functional and cushy. When one gets out of the water, the fresh water wash-down showers are also aft, both hot and cold and cup holders galore throughout the boat.

Stepping three easy steps below deck of the Grady White 330 Express, one encounters miscellaneous features which have been improved in many aspects. Ample room for a couple to stay overnight is something appealable. The shining galley is situated on the port side containing granite-like surface with fashionable molded curves.  The fine and dandy stainless sink with a pull-out sprayer can be transformed into a holder for wine or champagne. The boastful galley also includes a microwave, a two-burner stove, and two handy storage compartments behind. Underneath one can use a refrigerator/freezer and plenty of storage space. Next to the galley on the right, the entertainment center is supplemented with Fusion Stereo, DVD and 19 inch flat TV on the swivel mount. All in all, people can have fun both above and below deck.

The seating below deck takes place around a solid wooden table with a lovely finish. A comfy settee is placed around the table. Further, the table can be lowered and the area can be converted in a smaller berth as well. Cargo storage is located there too. The bed measures 6 feet 3 inches by 6 feet at its widest. Two hatches above the berth bathe the place with plenty natural light and fulfill the area with lots of fresh air when needed. Both of the hatches contain black shades for sun protection and there is more storage space is located underneath the queen berth.

The head compartment is located to the starboard side with a full-length mirror on the door. The head is utterly spacious and it’s made of fiberglass, so it is easy to clean. The head compartment is furnished with flushing china toilet and a fresh water shower. The mid cabin is pretty narrow for entering; however it is practical and spacious inside allowing two adults to sleep inside. It is long 6 feet and 6 inches and it is wide 4 feet and 3 inches with 30 inches of headroom. A privacy curtain and reading lights for book lovers supplement this area.

In consideration of the fact that the Grady White 330 Express comes from an extensive line of fishing boats, the fishing traits are probably the highlight of the day. At the transom, the fish locker is neatly placed with freezer coils wrapped outside of the box in order to clean the tank more easily and not to take valuable volume of the box itself. The rod storage and wide cockpit are just some superior fishing features of this boat. Even toe rails are installed which confirms the hypothesis that Grady White engineers really thought of everything. The front part of the cockpit is occupied with a 45-gallon livewell. The interior of the livewell is blue along with round edges and has air circulation. Rod holders are located both to port and starboard. There’s even a tuna door aft for catching a big fish, and a four-step ladder too. A StarBoard cutting surface atop the transom fish box is a valuable commodity of 330 Express. It is used for arranging the baits or for cleaning the prey.  

The Grady White shipyard simply doesn’t rest on its laurels, yet they improve themselves and they keep launching better and better models every time. With the 330 Express, they have skipped a couple steps to the top and launched the incredible boat of her kind. With the exclusive SeaV2 hull, great speed, plenty of fishing features and entertainment traits, she is simply a must have for any boat lover out there containing all bells and whistles needed. So, what are you waiting for? Do not let this opportunity slip away. Grab it now and make your future brighter with the Grady White 330 Express. Call us now for any information necessary and we will help you to make a choice. The right choice!

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Key Features

  • 80 square feet of cockpit working space
  • Helm seating raised 5”
  • Optional 12,000 BTU cockpit air
  • Standard 15” LCD/DVD TV
  • Standard cabin air conditioner
  • Windshield height raised
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Motor Boats
330 Express
Length (L.O.A.):
35′ 10″
11′ 7″
2′ 1″
1 Guest
1 Guest
2 Guests
5 tons
Fuel Capacity:
1325 L
Fresh-Water Capacity:
189 L
Building Materials:
Black-Water Capacity:
38 L
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