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Linssen Yachts are manufactured in NetherlandsNetherlands

A business that began life as a small boatyard in 1949 has become a market leader in the steel yacht building sector within three generations.

Linssen Yachts is a byword for steel displacement yachts of superior quality and for continuous innovative product and process development. In each decade since the company was established, Linssen Yachts has been the driving force behind innovative ideas for modernising the yacht building process. And it remains so today!

The unique yacht of your dreams built in series! Of course, we would be delighted to build your dream yacht to your specifications. In fact, we do this every day already, in series, that is! Our Logicam technology enables us to specify mass-produced hulls in such a way that they eventually come out at the other end as individual yachts.

Your new Linssen is every bit as unique as you are. You can make it just as exclusive and special as you like.

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