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Maritimo are manufactured in AustraliaAustralia

With a coastline measuring almost 36,000 nautical miles in length, it comes as no surprise that Australia is home to the world's finest long-range cruising motoryachts. Facing the Indian, Southern and Pacific oceans, it is the perfect place to test the skills of any boat builder. For Australia's Bill Barry-Cotter, this journey has encapsulated 40 years of his life, making him Australia's most awarded boat builder. Leading the way in engineering excellence, exceptional build integrity and innovative design, Bill's vision and lifelong passion has culminated in the launch of Maritimo, a collection of luxury motoryachts without peer. Inspired by the Australian lifestyle and beautiful coastlines unique to this part of the world, the craft are designed and built on the Gold Coast with all the luxury you would expect, together with unparalleled engineering for long range capabilities and the elements to withstand the roughest seas. The result is a place where motoryachts of the most superior quality, form and function are built; a place of crafting dreams.

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