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Monte Carlo Yachts are manufactured in ItalyItaly

Monte Carlo Yachts: genuinely Italian in its management, its designers and skills, but originating from the French group which is the uncontested global leader in the production of sailboats, and top in Europe for motorboats of up to 15 metres.

Our boatyard presents a new idea for sailing, packed with concrete values. Our yachts are built to stand the test of time, even with respect to style. We recognise that new standards for luxury are being established throughout the world, with responsibility, sustainability and personality prevailing. We express these values in our motor yachts without restricting our creativity and our determination to create a product that is elegant but never extreme, innovative and noble: a classic, right now and in the future.

Beautiful Italian boats that are able to respond to the new requirements of the men and women who are taking to the sea and who are seeking well-being and harmony. We turned to true stars in boat design who introduced concepts and materials more generally used only on far larger vessels into our yachts. And design was enhanced with strong technological content in terms of safety, respect for the environment, functionality and comfort.

To help us, we have the experience of the Beneteau Group: more than a century of history and research. A wealth of ideas, skills and resources which have enabled us today to raise the quality level of our boats. To Italian creativity and attention to detail, we have in fact added the value of new technologies in terms of safety and reliability.

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