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Van der Heijden Yachts

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Country of Origin
Van der Heijden Yachts are manufactured in NetherlandsNetherlands

The story of Van Der Heijden Yachts starts in 1993 when Ronald Van Der Heijden terminates his job as propulsion engineer at the Royal Dutch Navy to start his yard for luxury yachts. Since then this still privately owned yard created an impressing track record of building over 400 yachts for satisfied clients all over the world. Distinctive of VDH Yachts is the synergy of practical experience and expert knowledge that results in an unparalleled performance. Added up with a leading state-of-art styling, VDH will deliver you a custom or semi-custom yacht that is truly different from anything else and which meets the highest of standards. VDH Yachts will make you the biggest promise and keeps it. This is how we stay one decisive step ahead.

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