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VanDutch Marine are manufactured in NetherlandsNetherlands

VanDutch Marine is a short for Vanguard Dutch Marine, design and the renowned Dutch craftsmanship of yacht construction. In other words, a symbiosis of modern design and advanced technology in the most avant-garde fashion.

The challenge was to build a fast, light weight yacht with longevity and economical practicality. To achieve such a feat, the latest technologies have been used. The hull and deck are made with a composite construction of "sandwich" type using the technique of vacuum injection, enhancing the strength and lightness of the boat. Strategic and critical points of the VanDutch are reinforced with Kevlar. A V-drive arrangement of the engines was chosen to induce a sharpened aft to reach the point of the VanDutch's center of gravity, optimizing speed and reducing fuel consumption. Since the production of the first VanDutch 40, VanDutch marine has extended its range with the VanDutch 30, the VanDutch 55 and the VanDutch 40 Walk Around. Two brand new models will join the family in 2014, the VanDutch 45 and the VanDutch 70.

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