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Wim Van Der Valk Continental Yachts are manufactured in NetherlandsNetherlands

Since 1968, Wim van der Valk Continental Yachts has built a rich heritage of both steel and aluminium motor yachts. It was Wim van der Valk himself whom, with a great passion for water and boating, founded the company and who currently is still the driving force behind the company.

The success of the first 7 to 10 meter cabin and aft-cabin design cruisers resulted in the fact that the brand quickly got the attention of the public.

Several successful models followed. Models like the Valkkruiser, Comfort, Royal, Falcon and Super Falcon quickly became a symbol for quality. Thanks to constant innovation and quality improvements of these vessels we quickly established our reputation and became recognised as one of the most respected and prominent Dutch shipyards.

In the mid 80's we launched the Vitesse series. Steel and Aluminium, semi-displacement motor yachts in the higher segment. It proved to be an international success thanks to progressive design, great sailing characteristics and high resale value.

Towards the end of the 90's, we introduced the well known, elegant and successful Continental I series. The success of the model has been proven by the fact that over a 100 yachts of this design have found their way to their proud owners. The aft-cabin design Continental I series, which has evolved over the years to what it is now, is still a beautiful model featuring in the range of yachts we offer today.

When Volvo Penta introduced their revolutionary propulsion system (Volvo Penta IPS Drive System), we quickly adopted it and developed a special hull and new models for this particular drive system. This has led to the Continental II series which also turned out to be a great success. The Volvo Penta IPS drive system with its many special features and advantages is also available in our new Continental III series. Both the Continental II and III series can also be equipped with a conventional shaft drive system.

Nowadays, at our shipyard in Waalwijk, The Netherlands, only a limited number of Continental Yachts are produced annually. This to ensure the quality and exclusivity of each individual Yacht. Each and every Continental is subject to a high quality construction process. Only after intensive tests and quality control, will they obtain approval to leave the shipyard to be delivered to their new owners.

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