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Azimut 77S

The superb triple-engine Azimut 77S.

Azimut Yachts is an eminent name in the shipbuilding industry which has a supremacy over the construction of exclusive motor yachts, 12-meters to 45 in length, and not to mention it has the biggest amount of investment in this field. Their yachts present contemporary pillars in the yacht industry. One of those artworks is certainly the Azimut 77S. It represents a cutting edge new model which is somewhat enhanced and a boosted model of her older brother 55S. The design partnership was concluded with Stefano Righini for the exterior design and the concept, and Carlo Galeazzi undertook works of the interior design. The outcome is an intriguing new look containing several old features that Azimut is recognized for. The price of this superb yacht is nothing in comparison with what you get.

Azimut 77S is 23.54 meters in length, weighs 56 tons and her maximum beam is 55.6 m. Why is this yacht so extraordinary? First of all, she has three engines instead of two with a horsepower of 2700. Nonetheless, the skipper has an option of only two levers. Their function is managing external motors, but when they are joined, they trigger the central engine for more power. Different maneuvers can be executed more easily by a joystick. As already mentioned, the machinery contains three Volvo diesel units (900 horsepower each). 

The bow is underneath the horizon so the gaze is more than great. When it comes to the acceleration of the boat, it is immense due to the boat's lightness. There are six propellers, two for each engine. The IPS propellers turn towards the bow. One of the Azimut 77S’s merits is certainly it's efficient fuel consumption. When driving at 45 knots, the fuel consumption is roughly about 300 liters/hour- 20 percent less than a boat of the same weight, size and speed.

Designers made a big effort and spent a lot of time on the hull. It’s a V-shaped hull; however at the bow, it opens up which helps the water flow easier towards the central engine propellers. In this way, the final part of the yacht is slightly raised so that the three engines are higher that gives less resistance in the water. Azimut 77S’s maximum cruising speed is 32 knots and the maximum speed is 36 knots. There are two options of skippering. The first is from the main bridge where you can open the roof, or you can drive from the flybridge too. It’s a very versatile yacht. These traits and powerful characteristics assure the successful sale of the yacht.

Azimut 77S has a sleek, sporty look typical of the S collection of yachts even if it is a flybridge. They have installed enormous side windows due to the structure reinforcement with Kevlar. The scenery is reflected like a mirror so you can’t really see inside, ensuring privacy. Three living areas occupy the yacht. The one at the bow has a coffee table. On the flybridge, situated just aft the amidships lines, there is enough space for you to organize, and there is a small amount of built-in furniture thus leaving some open space for lounges and deck chairs. The complete flybridge is surrounded with firm, stainless steel safety rails.

At the stern, there is an electric top which covers the lounging area and sundeck. The mobile external kitchen contains a refrigerator, a grill, an ice-maker and a bar to starboard. At the stern, two tenders are hidden behind the big doors. The salon is bathed with cozy and a la mode furnishings together with the scenery of the sea all around especially through the wide-opening aft sliding doors which reveal the elegance of the yacht. This bulkhead is a 9-foot-wall made of glass that slides to starboard.

The lounge area has a black setting glass table that seats eight. The sofa in the living area is fashionable as well. The 42-inch television comes out of the cabinet. The galley is situated in the mezzanine which allows for the salon and dining area on the main deck and is supplied with Miele appliances and portlights for the outside view, further, there is a gallery beneath the floor. It accommodates a large-capacity refrigerator grill, dishwasher, microwave and four-burner range with sea rails. Carlo Galeazzi used the appropriate colors, the shiny wood, and leather to refresh the interiors and make them more modern.

The below deck consists of 4 cabins plus 2 crew cabins. While entering the captain’s quarters, you get a "love at first sight" experience. Wonderful furnishings, television behind the mirror and a spacious wardrobe are just some of the features that make it attractive. Furthermore, it has easy-chair seating for two and a casual table to the starboard. The bath is a dark grey ceramic and has forest brown marble. Perhaps the trademark of this area is the double, rectangular hull windows that provide a magnificent view of the surrounding water. At the bow, the VIP cabin comes with a separate bathroom and a dressing table. Ceiling height never goes under two meters. There are two double cabins for the crew.

Azimut 77S embodies a perfect synthesis of avant-garde style, leading edge technology, practicality, efficiency and luxury. She has already received four pre-orders following its debut. Azimut tried to change some of its features with this yacht and they have done it right. They have created a spacious, extreme luxury yacht while at the same time making it appear sporty and sleek. Of course, it isn’t the fastest yacht, but it rides smoothly. Don’t forget to contact us for any information regarding the yacht. It can be yours with just one call. You will not be disappointed at all.

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Key Features

  • 4 cabins plus two crew cabins
  • 4 head compartment and 1 crew head compartment
  • Exterior styling and concept by Stefano Righini
  • Powered by triple 900-hp Volvo Penta D13 IPS1200 engines
  • V-shape keel with 14-degree deadrise aft
\\ Azimut 77S

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Motor Boats
Length (L.O.A.):
77′ 5″
18′ 3″
5′ 5″
4 Guest / 2 Crew
4 Guest / 2 Crew
8 Guests / 4 Crew
Top Speed:
35 Knots
Cruise Speed:
32 Knots
58 tons
Fuel Capacity:
4000 L
Fresh-Water Capacity:
1100 L
Building Materials:
Fuel Options:
Interior Designer:
Carlo Galeazzi
Exterior Designer:
Stefano Righini
Naval Architect:
Pierluigi Ausonio
Engine Options:
option3 x 900mhp VOLVO D13-IPS1200 (662 kW)
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