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Bask in the greatness of the all new Hatteras 70 Motor Yacht revealed in November 2015 at the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show. 

The well-known North Carolina based boat maker, tied up with Versa Capital Management, has been in the business for over 55 years. During that period, the company revolutionized the sports fishing segment, hull construction and even ventured into luxury yacht making. There they excelled by creating the sublime 100 Raised Pilothouse Motor Yacht back in 2013. Following the main principles of yacht design introduced in 2013, Hatteras continued its voyage on the same path and shaped the new 70 MY accordingly. With her sleek looks, interior arrangement and somewhat futuristic aura surrounding her, the 70 MY truly is the next step in yacht building. Hatteras pulled it off by constructing an all new resin infused hull. This technique, used by high-end manufacturers, creates a hull with exceptional rigidity, less mass (with higher fiberglass to resin ratio than in open mold structures) and is actually far more eco-friendly than any other production process.

This proves the claim Hatteras officials stressed a few times - “A Hatteras Yacht does not aspire to offer a luxury. That is simply where we begin.” And luxury is most certainly the place where they began because every single piece of the new Hatteras 70 MY is carefully created to convey this noble message. The looks of the yacht follow the path set by the 100-footer shown earlier. Yet, the designers made some major changes to the predecessor and thus created a couple of inspirational pieces which cement the upscale character of the vessel. First, the design is clearly comparable to the yachting experience offered by Mediterranean yachts. Large open areas dominate the interior, lounge sections are carefully executed to provide the best comfort possible, while the exterior somehow carries a mysterious, almost sacred style. Such design creates a scent of intimacy, it hides everything that is going on inside from the prying eyes of onlookers. This piece of design truly resonates with elegance and gracefulness usually associated with European motor yachts.

The sheer elegance continues on the inside as well. Passengers will first stand face to face with the stern. Greeted by two sets of comfortable stairs lined with wood, leading to the main deck and the cockpit, passengers (or just curious visitors) will leave their previous lives behind after stepping in. Fantastic cockpit furnished with a perfect shade of teak decked with a dining table for six is one of the three open lounge-like areas on the ship. With access to the port side and starboard side passages, the cockpit is perfectly linked with the bow (the next most perfect “chill out” area). Still, rather than moving to the bow through narrow passages at the sides, closed quarters on the main deck offer a far more impressive path. Entering the main saloon from the cockpit through a sliding glass door feels like a transition through the Stargate portal.

Hatteras did not cut any corners. Even their manager pointed out how dedicated their engineering team was. “The highlights of the 70 Motor Yacht, which again, I think, are reflective of who we are, what we are doing and where are we going are some of the wow features that we are trying to bring to our products. Consumers today, they want to see new design and innovation and technology and they want to be wowed. And if you can wow them, they are going to buy your products. But specifically, for the 70 Motor Yacht, we have a galley dinette area, and the biggest wow there is is the atrium - unlike anything else in this size of a motor yacht,” said John Ward, head of Hatteras Yachts.

The Hatteras team certainly wanted to integrate big boy toys into the 70 Motor Yacht. Their result offers more than just the perfectly executed main deck with a saloon, galley with a kitchen and a dining area. Lower deck with a VIP suite, master stateroom, and two guest cabins are the next big things about the Hatteras 70 MY. With three heads (dedicated head for the VIP stateroom and master stateroom) and enough space to host eight passengers in comfort, the Hatteras 70 MY is undoubtedly a stand out in the yachting world. The above-given number of passengers on the lower deck is not all that she can handle. The crew quarters (accessible through the stern doors) are also on the lower deck and they can host two with a double bed and a dedicated head.

Interestingly enough, crew quarters and passenger quarters are separated by the engine room (with Twin Cat C-32A Diesel Engines rated at 1.600hp). Although the master stateroom is separated from the engine room only by a wall, Hatteras assures us almost none of the sounds produced by the engines can enter the passenger compartment. Hull design, thick insulation material in the engine room and advanced silent running engines are a good enough precaution to maintain the top-notch luxury ambience of the lower decks.

Although this yacht has a displacement of 155,000 lbs, Hatteras decided to include only one helm. The helm, nonetheless, is not the only important thing on the top. The flybridge deck is certainly the best place to chill and enjoy the yachting experience during long voyages. The flybridge, reachable from the cockpit, looks a bit like a night club. High standing stools are by the bar and the lounge area provides generous room for all aboard. A distinctive overhead hardtop is the biggest link the 70 MY shares with her Mediterranean brothers. The hard top does not cover the entire area on the Flybridge deck though. It only covers the wet bar and the helm station, leaving the sunbathing area unprotected.

Making sure that the elements cannot harm her, the best teak paneling covers every floor surface. The helm station is actually quite unusual in this setting. With seating for two, its position offers exceptional visibility in all directions. Although this is the only position from where the vessel is steerable, the whole helm station on the flybridge can actually be enclosed to give the helmsman much needed protection in all weather conditions.

As for the cruising capabilities of the boat, Hatteras had to equip her with top notch tech features, large water and fuel tanks, and powerful diesel generators. The end result is a yacht with the fuel capacity of 2000 gallons. The fuel feeds massive CAT engines (more powerful 1.900 hp units are also available) which give her a range of more than 430 miles at 20 knots. At slower cruise, of course, the range greatly increases which makes the Hatteras 70 MY perfect for long sea stays.

As ever, Hatteras provides a range of customization options for the 70 Motor Yacht. Although the main layout of the decks has to stay more or less the same in any instance, customers can opt for materials, equipment level of any of the staterooms and they can even rig the Hatteras with specialized fishing gear to give her a demeanor of multi-purpose vessels. After all, Hatteras Yacht Company entered the business 55 years ago constructing cutting-edge fishing boats. Why not build upon it?

Obviously, the Hatteras 70 MY reviews will express the generosity of the 70-foot boat and the attention to detail her builders put into her creation. With an all new hull design, exceptionally well-crafted interior and a wide range of luxury options, the Hatteras 70 MY is not in the lower segment of the yachting world. She offers noteworthy luxury characteristics of any of the top tier yachts, just in a smaller package. Walk through the magnificent 360-degree presentation below and virtually enjoy the newest brainchild of the legendary American shipbuilder Hatteras. She is worth it!

\\ Hatteras 70 MY

Key Features

  • Atrium
  • Bow lounge
  • Contemporary interiors and materials
  • Expansive deckhouse salon
  • Full-beam master stateroom
  • Galley area
  • Innovative new design
  • Multiple seating and sunning spaces
  • Panoramic windows
  • Quality craftmanship
  • Twin side-by-side guest staterooms
  • Walk around side decks
\\ Hatteras 70 MY

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Motor Boats
70 Motor Yacht
Vessel Name:
Hatteras 70 MY
Length (L.O.A.):
74′ 6″
20′ 12″
4′ 6″
4 Guest / 1 Crew
3 Guest / 1 Crew
8 Guests / 2 Crew
155000 lbs
Fuel Capacity:
7570 L
Fresh-Water Capacity:
1135 L
Building Materials:
Black-Water Capacity:
946 L
Fuel Options:
Engine Options:
optionTwin Cat C-32A Diesel Engines (1,622 MHP / 1,600 BHP ea)
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