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From the world-renowned boat builder, Riva, which is known for creating boats and yachts with a unique style and personality, comes the new sea superstar, Riva 88 Domino Super. Legends say that a devastating storm which devoured local fishermen's boats helped the founder of the company, Pietro Riva, establish himself as a miracle worker. After repairing all the ships of the local fishermen, Pietro took the company to new heights. However, the company entered into history only after WWI when the manufacturing process was turned towards power boating instead of the popular transportation paradigm. This bold move, along with unmatched precision and vision in boat production has allowed Riva to thrive. The company’s name was forever cemented in boating history once they released their mythical model, Aquarama, which became the symbol of the company’s greatness. Is the new model a resounding confirmation of all the Riva values? Read further in the Riva Domino 88 Super review.

The new coupe is not just a variation of the old model, but a result of a thorough composition process which upgraded an already successful model. Riva Domino 88 Super has a length of 26.7 meters and a 6.30 meters beam. The trim profile of the boat is the first thing that catches one’s eye which is nicely accompanied by a dark grey colour which gives it a distinct look. "London Grey" is the name given to this specific colour type, complemented by light grey details of some parts of the deck.

Considerable changes were made to the aft and cockpit areas. There is a lot more space for guests and crew. Close cooperation with the crew, proficient with boats, has resulted in a redesign of the engine room. Transom not only leads to the cockpit, but it can also be lowered into the water which serves as a helpful platform for swimmers. Launching and hauling are simplified thanks to this ingenious design detail. After climbing a few side steps from the transom, one reaches the cockpit area. Chaise lounge, followed by another sofa and a dining table take the bulk of the room. Foldable chairs are stored beneath the table and allow an additional 6 guests to take seats. On the port side there is a sink and an access to the crew quarters, to the starboard, there are storage compartments and an ice maker. Stairs next to the starboard lead to a new improved sundeck.

The pilot now takes the centre stage in the middle of the boat, which allows for smooth administration. A central sunbathing area is located aft so there is much more space at the bow which offers a comfy dining table. An open space salon offers a breathtaking view of the surrounding areas and creates a unique style with the blend of LED lights, stainless steel elements and leather details, for which Riva is known.

Passing through the glass door, one reaches the interior areas of the main deck. These areas are completed by a living room, pilot station and a dining room. The room is occupied by a neat coffee table which is surrounded by two sofas to the port side and one on the right-hand side. Needless to say, the sofas are very stylish and complete the lofty atmosphere of the room. The dining area is beyond itself; a glass table is the most attractive feature in this room. It is not an ordinary table, it has a slideable section which, when utilised, allows up to 8 people to dine at the table. At the very end of the room are two low cabinets which serve as storage space with ample room.

Storage compartments have now been placed at a middle height since the pilot area has been reallocated starboard. This also serves as a sort of separator which divides two staircases, one leading to the galley and the other below deck. An ingenious idea such as this has allowed further alterations, a new windshield has been installed and functions almost like an electronic car window. Bow area is incredibly luminous and can now be reached directly from the portside via a walkway.

The master stateroom can be reached through the lobby; this room is also luminous thanks to portholes and two windows. It is furnished by freestanding units, but it can be additionally furnished by units which the buyer can choose. The Riva 88 Domino Super's price is not something for the light-hearted; however, those wanting luxury will surely equip their coupe with additional units. Overlooking the bed is a wall mounted TV unit, there is a bathroom close by and a pretty spacious walk in closet.

Ritmonio taps furnish the elegant Capannoli washbasins; they are located right across a comfy toilet bowl. Portside is the shower furnished with a Corian floor and separated by a glass door. There are three guest cabins and all of them have their separate showers. Two cabins are on the right and one is on the left. These are however not all the rooms that the Riva 88 Domino Super has to offer. At the end of the bow is the VIP cabin, beyond the master stateroom, are additional two cabins. All the cabins are equipped with beds, some of them with double wardrobes and even washing machines.

Her enchanting speed which heightens and astounds the senses is for some the main selling point of the new coupe. This is made possible by two MTU 16V 2000 M93 engines which have a combined power of 2435 horsepower. In other words, the boat can reach a speed of 38 knots; cruising speed can go up to 34 knots. There is an option of adding two M94 engines, which will raise the horsepower to 2638 or a maximum of 40 knots. Another option available is to install a propeller to make mooring operations easier.

We can conclude that the Riva 88 Domino Super, which is on sale, fulfils all the needs and wants of people who wish to have a luxurious voyage at sea. Staying true to all of Riva's values, the new model can be wholeheartedly recommended, especially to people who enjoy speed and style in the same package. Why wait? Get your sea superstar now and enjoy breathtaking speed and style!

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Motor Boats
88 Domino
Vessel Name:
Riva 88 Domino
Length (L.O.A.):
88′ 1″
20′ 4″
5′ 12″
4 Guest / 2 Crew
4 Guest / 1 Crew
8 Guests / 4 Crew
Top Speed:
38 Knots
Cruise Speed:
34 Knots
63200 Kg
Fuel Capacity:
7500 L
Fresh-Water Capacity:
990 L
Engine Options:
option2435 HP MTU 16V 2000 M93
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