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The Ferretti Group is distinguished by setting new trends in the yachting world. Well-known Italian shipyard, Riva, part of the Ferretti Group, pioneers a one-of-a-kind style that incorporates two sporty models, an open and a coupe model, into a single vessel. This yacht presents a benchmark for the next-generation of yachts for sure. It’s the best answer to the question: "Do dreams come true?" Yes, they do. In the yachting world, it’s a model called Riva 88 Florida. Designer Mauro Micheli created an Italian yachting diamond that includes a retractable top inspired by convertible coupes in the automotive industry. Riva is definitely one of the most prestigious brands in the world.

The yacht’s overall length is 26.7 meters and its beam is 6.22 m (20ft) which allows 20 people on board and gives it a unique style. The exterior of the yacht features a wide spectrum of leisure installations, a large C-shaped sofa, and a dinette. In front of the sofa, there is a spacious area that can be furnished with freestanding furniture. It is guarded and encased by two large storage cabinets along the bulwark. The aft area has been modified in regards to the layout's tender and jet ski handling systems. Therefore, onboard equipment is upgraded with new mechanisms in order to make the launching of the tender and jet ski easier. She also incorporates a garage, which is only 20 cm above the sea level. It can store a 4-meter tender and a jet ski beside it.

The central part of the transom has an option of descending by up to a meter into the water and is slightly moved away from the stern thanks to a pantograph movement. There are steps integrated into the hull which leads to the cockpit. They are attached to the sides of the garage door. Further, one can also get to the cockpit when stepping onboard from the quay, via a concealed gangway.

Why is this yacht so special? With the press of just two buttons, the yacht is transformed. The mechanism moves a plate at the bow and moves it towards the stern as it slowly lowers over the cockpit to attach on the windshield without compromising her beauty and style. On the contrary, it adds a pretty touch to it. This top completes the transformation of the yacht from open to coupe protecting the cockpit and at the same time, creating a new, sheltered living area at the bow.

The movement of the structure is carried out by the pantograph mechanism that drives the two pairs of arms. This system is controlled by an electronic control unit with sensors that guide every movement safely and accurately while, for extra security, an anemometer controls the strength of the wind before giving authorization to the operation. 

In this model, there are two MTU 16 V200 M93 engine systems. These engines provide up to 2638 horsepower each, so in total, a grand 5276 horsepower. Each of the cylinders of this engine has a displacement of 2230 cm3, so it is comparable to a powerful engine in a car. However, this yacht has 32 cylinders; therefore total displacement is 71.400 cm3. Even while going at a speed of 29 knots, the stability of the ship is incredible. Riva 88 Florida can reach the speed of up to 40.5 knots.

When it comes to the accommodation and lower decks, Riva 88 Florida encompasses 4 en-suite cabins, including one VIP double cabin, full-beam master suite, one double guest cabin and another guest cabin. The master suite is soundproof and it is situated in the very center of the hull. The accommodation is vast and spacious. One can appreciate the open sea and vast panoramic views while enjoying the luxury and comfort of the interiors.

The atmosphere and the richness are brought out by the very essence of the ship. Riva’s vintage décor is simply magnificent. Among the motifs, one can observe the helm finished in a peach-skin treatment which gives a special touch to the interior design.  The kitchen is secluded, and yet has an open bar that faces the living room. The ceiling is painted white and LED light is attached to the ceiling which draws you back to the contemporary facets of the project. 

The designers of Riva 88 Florida have gone one step further while creating this beauty. She writes an Italian story that the world will fall in love with.  Riva 88 Florida promises to perpetuate the brand’s status because she is definitely an embodiment of excellence and meets all your requirements. 

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Key Features

  • 1980s styling.
  • A dinette and a large C-shaped sofa.
  • Convertible Hardtop
  • Double walk-in wardrobe.
  • In open mode, the hardtop assumes the shape of the deckhouse covering the forward dinette.
  • It operates both as a convertible and coupe in three different positions.
  • Peach skin elm wood.
  • The ceiling is painted white and fitted with LED lighting technology to illuminate different sections of the cabins.
  • The decorations feature old school wood, steel, leather and blue majestic lacquered inserts.
  • the master suite is soundproof and treated to outstanding views of the ocean.
  • There are four cabins and four en-suite heads.
  • Two sun pads.
  • When anchored, the hardtop turns into a hard Bimini top covering the forward dinette while providing maximum sun shade.
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88 Florida
Vessel Name:
Riva 88 Florida
Length (L.O.A.):
88′ 1″
20′ 5″
5′ 10″
4 Guest / 2 Crew
4 Guest / 1 Crew
8 Guests / 4 Crew
Top Speed:
38.5 Knots
Cruise Speed:
34 Knots
60000 kg
Fuel Capacity:
7500 L
Fresh-Water Capacity:
900 L
Engine Options:
option2435HP MTU 16V 2000 M93
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