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MJM Yachts are manufactured in United StatesUnited States

MJM Yachts licensee, Boston BoatWorks (BBW), is the one American boat builder, power or sail, having a 30+ year track record using advanced materials such as epoxy, Kevlar, carbon and Corecell. In their pursuit of excellence, BBW uses a proprietary wet epoxy pre-preg, vacuum-molding and oven post-cure method. Master Builder, Mark Lindsay has Olympic Medal, World Championship and America's Cup winning racing yachts to his credit because they're lighter, stronger and faster. In terms of long-lasting strength and stability? All systems and finishes are "builder installs". Leaving nothing to chance, each MJM yacht is launched in Boston Harbor for sea trials before delivery. Tests of systems and calibration of instruments are conducted to ensure "0" defects. This extra attention to detail costs more. Customer service, quality of construction, top-of-the-line hardware and performance are not compromised to meet a price. The MJM Yachts philosophy is that today's buyer won't be satisfied with anything less than the absolute best in terms of timeless design, the latest technology, functionality and performance. Such a strategy offers the best guarantee for daily enjoyment and long term investment value.

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