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Ferretti Group endows their yachts with luxuriousness, high quality, performance, unique designs and glamor that make them recognizable all over the globe. It’s hardly impossible to incorporate all these features into one single craft; however the Ferretti Group has done it again. A lavishing yacht was born out of a partnership between Ferretti Group’s R&D center, Advanced Yacht Technology & Design and Fulvio De Simoni. At first glance, the Pershing 70 captivates you with its futuristic demeanor and original design. The Pershing 70's price is negligible in contrast to what you get in return –high-performance and an opulent yacht with a unique personality like no other.

With its overall length of 21.44 meters and beam of 5 meters, Pershing 70 permits 16 people on board. Her design was boosted with two large structural wings that aside from the esthetical purposes have a practical one too. They enhance the aerodynamics of the boat forming a clear flow of air. Furthermore, they make the cockpit more secure and safe. It has an option for opening up these two large side wings that connect to the gunwale from the hard top, thus forming a more spacious interior and presenting a restyled cockpit, stretching across the entire width of the hull.

Marco Plicchi, Pershing’s brand manager said: "We worked on many aspects of the wings to make them technically and aesthetically appealing, and we wanted to have as much comfort in the cockpit as possible, to have the airflow flushing along the sides, to lower the backwind. We modified the shape three times and worked with Fulvio De Simoni, the yacht designer behind Pershing’s every model, to add the glass inserts."

The base engine of the Pershing 70 is MTU 10V 2000 M94 containing 1623 horsepower in each V cylinders. The engineers incorporated Top System 85P surface drives and an automatic trim system that controls both the flaps and the drives. It allows the skipper to do some maneuvers without the guesswork. This software calibrates the engine load at an optimum 80 percent; therefore, the drives are descended and ascended in relation to the water density. These drives are lowered and raised much faster than most skippers could ever manage. A NaviOP display is installed so to accurately notify on the positions of trim tables and drive legs. It is quite trustworthy since it displays the angle of the trim tabs, elevation of the drives and the flaps and even the position of the helm and not to mention it displays the boat speed, engine rpm, and engine load percentage.

Skippers of the Pershing 70 can match the fuel consumption and speed figures accomplished by Pershing’s test crew. On the main dashboard, there is another "eco" button. When pressed, the boat regulates the minimum consumption. Next to it, there is "a sport" button which allows you to accelerate right to the maximum. The maximum speed of the Pershing 70 is 46 knots and with the assistance of Top System, a new record is achieved. The cruise speed is set at 40 knots with the range of 280 nautical miles. However, apart from the speed, it’s about the comfort as well. The yacht is extremely stable, elastic and noiseless. Technologically speaking, the entire Pershing 70 can be controlled via NAVIP touch-screen displays. This system can be incorporated with VOTIS ((Videoworks One Touch Infotainment System) that can be controlled with an IPad. Hence, you can control the temperature of the yacht, curtains, television, the lighting etc. 

Interiors of the Pershing 70 are spectacular and well thought out. They are bathed from ashwood light shades to lacquered charcoal greys. The roomy main deck serves as a living room. LED lights are integrated into the ceilings which reveal contemporary Italian design. This part of the yacht is furnished with a large leather sofa, 6x6 table in front of it and storage drawers. Opposite is a low cabinet containing a 46 inch TV which emerges from within the cabinet when requested to. The main skipper sofa fantastically corresponds with the rest of the furniture. One more sofa (L-shaped) is added next to it, which can serve as a bar area.

Below deck, there are three cabins, three bathrooms, and a galley. You can enter the full-beam master suite from the mezzanine level. Wavy leather inserts segregate the sleeping area with the entrance where two wardrobes are situated. The master cabin is a cocktail of style, elegance, and technology. The décor in the bathroom is breathtaking. It is decorated with aluminum mosaic in different colors and these horizontal metallic strips are certainly a work of art. The other cabins are accessed directly from the mezzanine level. At the bow, a well-equipped VIP cabin is placed containing a double wardrobe, separate shower, and a private bath. The third cabin has single beds, bathroom, and a separate shower as well. 

The Pershing 70 is a high-tech force which allows every skipper to drive the yacht at her full potential.  Contact us now and enjoy the ride of your life.

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Pershing 70
Vessel Name:
Pershing 70
Length (L.O.A.):
70′ 4″
16′ 5″
4′ 5″
3 Guest / 1 Crew
3 Guest / 1 Crew
6 Guests / 2 Crew
Top Speed:
46 Knots
Cruise Speed:
40 Knots
46 tons
Fuel Capacity:
3500 L
127 km
Fresh-Water Capacity:
900 L
Engine Options:
option1623 HP - MTU 10V 2000 M94
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