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In the 1950′s, at a time when Italy still had to be totally reconstructed, Pirelli “rubberized” the country. On a road network yet to be created, PIRELLI rubber was at first tool and then symbol of the conquest of distance, synonymous with freedom of travel for everyone, everywhere. Around the same time, Pirelli also launched its range of “rubberized boats” with the same objective: to travel anywhere, freely and safely. After the roads came the sea. The first model, Laros, immediately became an icon, closely followed by an entire range through which Italy discovered its coastline.
Fifty years on, Pirelli Yacht Tenders are back, through a license, with the PZERO range. Its basic design remains that of a true boat: the rubber dinghy is by definition the marine craft par excellence, which goes where no other boat can. This license has led to the creation of a special breed of yacht tenders, flawlessly bringing together style and design, careful attention to detail, and a commitment safety. Pirelli Superyacht Tenders fill a void in the yacht tender market: originality, the essence of a sports boat, along with the elegance of an exclusive brand recognizable anywhere.